My fave money-saving websites

Now for something different!  I wanted to just take a second and share some great sites with you guys.  I’m NOT that shopper who scores the great deals all of the time.  I don’t love going through clearance racks, hoping for that one great find.   That’s not me.  Here are some easy sites to save money with minimum hassle.

Btw, I’m not getting paid to link these, I just like them!

1)  Used gift card sites  – Buy gift cards for less than face value

People who have gift cards they don’t need sell them to these sites for less than face value.  You can then buy them at a discount!

For example, I know that I’m going to want to go to Osh Kosh for back to school shopping, so I bought a card with $97 left and I saved 20% on it.  That’s a 20% discount that I can use on top of sales, coupons or clearance, so that’s a GREAT deal!  You can do this on ebay, but I like the idea of dealing with a company for these rather than an individual.

There are lots of those sites, including:  Gift Card Rescue, CardPool, Plastic Jungle, and more.

2) – Find coupon codes for many different online stores

Check this site before you buy anything online!!  I’ve saved quite of bit of money by double-checking that site before I finalized online purchases.  Just today, I was at, about to check out.  I went to Retail Me Not on a whim and they had a 10% coupon code.

3) – Fill up a postage paid bag with kids clothes and get paid for them buys and sells used kids clothes.  I just got my first pre-paid mail-in bag.  I’m going to fill it up with outgrown clothes and see how much I get.  They have very affordable kids clothes for sale, too.   You can see how much people have earned on their bags here.

(Btw, if you want to join them, use my referral link and we’ll both get a free $5 credit.)

4) PIRQ phone app – Up to 50% off restaurants based on your GPS location

If you need a little lunch after all this shopping, download PIRQ (pronounced perk) on your iphone or droid.  I’m loving that app.  Restaurants sign up to offer discounts up to 50% off, but a limited number of people can use the PIRQs each day.   Your phone’s GPS will find offers near you, and there are some great deals!  I’ve enjoyed many half off dinners through this app!

I hope I’ve helped you discover a new gem here.  If you have a goody, leave it in the comments.  Happy shopping!

SPECIAL NOTE TO MY INTERNATIONAL READERS:  I know that this post didn’t offer you much, since these might not operate internationally, so here is a cute picture of a baby hedgehog:

I trust that he has made your visit worthwhile.

Until next time!  🙂


  1. This is a great list! I know of most of them but I’m going to have to get that PIRQ app. You’re such a giver. You and the tiny hedgehog.

  2. Hedgehog!!! 🙂

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