Savvy Birthday Wish

Can you even believe all the posts this week?  There are more coming, too!  It’s funny, because, aside from the recent break, I’ve made TONS of cards over the last couple of years.  Most of them have been for catalog or other design work that couldn’t be shared on my own blog, though, so my blog has kind of withered on the vine.

Anyway, on to today’s card.  I love Savvy.  Like, LOOOVE.  Like LURRRVE.  It’s really exciting for me that I get to do design work for a company that carries their products!  This little cake die is so cute and delicate.   A little secret of mine…I hardly ever make birthday cards!  They’re just not my favorite to make.  I love this little cake, though, ’cause you can just slap it on a notecard with a sentiment and you’re done.

The chevron and sentiment are by Savvy as well.  I finished it off with some eyelets.  People say eyelets are out of style now, but I’ll hear none of it.  I don’t like them bare-nakey, but with some cute twine or ribbon…adorable!

OH!  One little tip about this die and other intricate dies.  I picked up the Memory Box Metal Adaptor plate and I like it a lot.  I used to make my own shims with cardstock, but this is just easier.  It helps tighten things up and gets those extra details.  You can see a video about it and other tips for intricate dies here.

Thanks for stopping by!  🙂



  1. What a cute little card, Krystie! Love that Savvy is making dies! Your colors are just perfecto!

  2. I’m smitten with Savvy too! And your fun card! Always love how you “see” things!

  3. From one smitten-with-Savvy Stamps to another, this takes the cake, chiquita! LOVE!!!

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